Retail Space For Lease

When looking for retail space for lease in Central Kentucky, talk to the agents at Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.When looking for retail space for lease in Central Kentucky, turn to the real estate agents at Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.  Recognizing that real estate decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line, our professionals help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives with retail real estate requirements.  Haymaker/Bean’s tenant representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of the Central Kentucky market, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities and over 29 years of innovative deal making.

Haymaker/Bean’s team of experts analyze business goals and develop executable strategies and an implementation plan to achieve the optimal real estate decisions for our clients. Our mission at Haymaker/Bean is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service by providing the assurance of time-tested experience and unquestioned integrity.  At Haymaker/Bean, we carefully evaluate each client’s requirements in order to provide a superior level of service.  Our team works to deliver custom solutions that meet your retail space needs.  Through our team approach, we share our knowledge and insight with one another to best serve our clients’ objectives.

Our experienced team of professionals at Haymaker/Bean is ready to assist with site selection, cost estimating and space planning.  Our market analysis and understanding of the marketplace ensures that we are fully representing our clients.  From site selection to grand opening, our expertise ensures both the finest of services and a successful turnover.

Haymaker/Bean can find just the right retail space for lease to fit your specific needs:

  • Site Selection | Haymaker/Bean has the market knowledge and the resources to find your ideal location.
  • Market Analysis | Haymaker/Bean has the latest demographic and mapping technology to help you find the right retail space.
  • Tenant Representation | Haymaker/Bean is dedicated to helping tenants overcome the uncertainties and obstacles that can arise in establishing a new location.

Haymaker/Bean offers a wide variety of quality and competitively priced retail space in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky.  We’ve been serving the Central Kentucky market with professional expertise in commercial retail real estate since 1989.  Haymaker/Bean serves the retail real estate market with the combined knowledge of Tim Haymaker, Steve Bean, Buddy Edwards, Andy Haymaker, Frank Mattone, Charlie Must, Leah Robey and a team of professionals offering a unique advantage in accomplishing your retail real estate needs.  The foundation of our team at Haymaker/Bean comes from years of successful transactions and representing a wide range of clients with a full range of services.  Each real estate agent at Haymaker/Bean has been trained to meticulously handle each retail real estate transaction with clear communication and attention to every detail.  The breadth and depth of our real estate success at Haymaker/Bean is derived from over 200 years of combined experienced working in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky. Haymaker/Bean has an exceptional combination of people, processes and resources that enable first-rate outcomes. 

Our team at Haymaker/Bean offers real time solutions that help make decisions based on accurate information.  Our advice helps clients achieve their retail space goals and ensure complete satisfaction in the process.  The foundation of our business is the relationships that we build with our clients.  We continually exceed our clients’ expectations, earning their confidence and trust from the start by maintaining a high level of service throughout the span of their office space needs. 

When searching for the right retail space to lease, contact Haymaker/Bean at and let us go to work for you.