Property Management

REMMCO Services, Inc. was formed in 1992 to manage property for property owners who invest in real estate, but who are involved in other business activities, therefore, do not have time, on a daily basis, to manage and oversee their valuable property investments. From our perspective, the primary function of a property management company is to professionally manage and provide a full range of maintenance services for professional office property, including low-rise and high-rise buildings, commercial property, including strip centers, outlots, and shopping centers and industrial property, including warehouses, truck terminals and distribution centers for those investors.Our Property Management goal, at REMMCO, is to meet and exceed our client's expectations for the efficient building and site management and operation of properties. REMMCO provides a full range of services to help satisfy your goals of achieving several targets.

First, working with Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate, our Sales and Management teams assist each other in creating conditions for the highest market rents for the use of the property.

Secondly, through the diligent application of proven Property Management techniques, it is our aim to maintain the site, the parking, the exteriors and the interiors of the structures, including expensive mechanical systems and components, in top operating condition with minimum downtime for servicing and repair or inconvenience to Tenants.

Thirdly, we strive to manage materials, supplies, as well as, vendors and contractors expenditures to help curtail operating costs and, thereby, maximize the return on your investment and your rental income. The accounting staff utilizes the BOMA (Building Operators and Managers) recommended YARDI Property Management Software for precise tracking of Leases, accounts receivable, accounts payable, insurance certificates of tenants and vendors and general ledger reporting. REMMCO maintains a system of internal accounting controls through the segregation of duties. The internal controls are well established and are routinely monitored by in-house certified public accountants. On-staff bookkeepers prepare and review bank reconciliations and monthly financial statements under the supervision and review of staff CPAs.

Our in-house accounting department can provide a full range of accounting, tax and financial services for all types of real estate needs ranging from property management, construction management and including real estate and land development. We can organize and manage building utility services, monitor usage and provide a full range of accounting services, financial reporting and records management.

Property Management activities, in conjunction with Profit Pointe, LLC includes collection of rents from tenants, payment of invoices, preparation of monthly reports including accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger reporting and reconciliation of bank statements. REMMCO will monitor leases, the status of leases and inspect and report on the conditions of Tenant spaces before move-in and upon leaving a space.

REMMCO takes a 'hands-on' approach to Property Management. That approach includes visits to properties on a regularly scheduled basis, depending on the type of building, the type of building mechanical equipment and the scope of services needed. REMMCO is routinely engaged in soliciting proposals for all manner of special technical services, security services, alarm monitoring and building operating services. REMMCO routinely engages in repairs and remodeling construction services and construction supervision. If required, REMMCO also has the ability to provide construction management services for large or small tenant improvement construction projects. The amount of a construction management fee will vary depending on the needs of the tenant construction project. The fee provides for working with architects, space planners and interior decorators. It includes construction budgeting, construction accounting, construction supervision and inspections through to completion, occupancy permitting and the actual occupancy of the space by the Tenant.

Our REMMCO personnel are technically qualified and able to anticipate or detect and repair routine building problems. REMMCO engages contractors to perform life-safety and equipment annual inspections and manages completed inspection files. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and responds quickly to emergency events.

If the nature of a building problem requires it, we team-up with reliable contractors to solve problems using certified, registered local plumbers, electricians, HVAC and mechanical contractors, roofing repair and specialty maintenance companies, and others, for both minor and major building repairs and services. REMMCO personnel monitor, inspect and approve contractor's work to help insure that the finished product or service meets the need.

The need for professional management services has never been greater than it is today in an uncertain economic environment that includes sound and viable properties as well as those facing bankruptcy, foreclosure and properties in receivership. Facility management, tenant relations, expense control and timely, accurate reporting are some of the essential skills that REMMCO brings to each new property, vintage property or troubled property that we manage. Our personnel are well trained, knowledgeable and experienced.

Property Management includes daily or weekly site visits to the subject site and building, with attention being given to the physical condition of setting and the landscaping ,as well as, to the property's needs, that is, both exterior and interior. Visits would include an inspection of common areas, landscaping, perimeter site maintenance, parking garage and driveway conditions. It includes observing the performance of the mechanical systems, including the HVAC, the plumbing and the electrical and lighting components of the structures, visually scrutinize cleaning and janitorial services, observing the roof and building skin for wear or damage, attention to fire sprinkler, safety and security conditions and systems and communicating with Tenants to help insure their continued satisfaction with the common areas and the spaces they occupy.