Industrial Property For Sale

Haymaker/Bean is an industrial partner you can trust.  Industrial facilities are typically used for research and development, product production and service and the storage and distribution of goods.

Haymaker/Bean is a regionally focused commercial real estate firm headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our agents are best in class and known regionally for their experience and expertise.  We provide our clients with the best real-time data and analytics available.  We are relentless in our collection and data basing of commercial land for sale.  Our agents are professional, ethical and are up-to-date on the commercial real estate profession.  Our team has over 200 years of combined experience.  Haymaker/Bean is one of the leading and most respected real estate companies in Lexington and Central Kentucky through our representation of some of the best industrial properties in the market. 

When searching for industrial property for sale, look no further than Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.There are many different types of industrial space and conducting your search for industrial property for sale will require you to determine what type of property best fits your needs.  That’s where Haymaker/Bean can help you in search for the property industrial property, which is generally divided into three categories:

  • Warehouse property
  • Manufacturing property
  • Flex (mixed use) property

Within these categories there are many different types of industrial property:

  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Distribution facility
  • Truck terminal
  • Flex facility
  • Service center/showroom

As your industrial partner, Haymaker/Bean will discuss multiple industrial listings with you to compare location, space and prices. Even similar space/floor plans will have different characteristics.  So, Haymaker/Bean will find the right property for you to fit your specific business needs.  Haymaker/Bean specializes in the acquisition of industrial real estate throughout Central Kentucky and is recognized as a driving force in industrial real estate.

Our planning and site selection at Haymaker/Bean means your industrial property will have the features you want and need, complemented by easy accessibility, proximity to highways and other transportation options and convenient nearby amenities.  Haymaker/Bean focuses on the things that matter most to you: knowledge of the market and specific requirements.  Our clients entrust their industrial real estate needs to Haymaker/Bean because they realize the importance of working with professionals who are familiar with the community and have deep ties to the Central Kentucky region.  Our strong community connection gives Haymaker/Bean a distinct advantage when handling the real estate requirements of our clients.

As a leading full-service commercial real estate firm, owners and occupiers count on Haymaker/Bean to provide innovative, value-added, cost-saving real estate solutions.  Our unparalleled industrial team of experts offers years of brokerage, construction and real estate development experience.  Whether seeking flex, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution space or build-to-suit options,  Haymaker/Bean is an industrial partner you can trust.

Our team at Haymaker/Bean includes:

  • Tim Haymaker
  • Steve Bean
  • Buddy Edwards
  • Andy Haymaker
  • Frank Mattone
  • Charlie Must
  • Leah Robey

Public storage and manufacturing are unique to every industry.  Work with a team that knows the ins and outs of industrial real estate, helping you buy industrial property with confidence.  Haymaker/Bean can help you navigate the Central Kentucky industrial market with ease.  Our team-based service model and extensive research uncovers all options in the industrial marketplace.

If you’re looking for industrial property for sale, Haymaker/Bean would be honored to assist you. Contact us at and let us go to work for you.