Office Space For Lease

When looking for office space for lease in Central Kentucky, turn to the real estate professionals at Haymaker/Bean.When looking for office space for lease in Central Kentucky, turn to the real estate agents at Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.  Our mission at Haymaker/Bean is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service by providing the assurance of time-tested experience and unquestioned integrity.  At Haymaker/Bean, we carefully evaluate each client’s requirements in order to provide a superior level of service.  Our team works to deliver custom solutions that meet your office space needs.  Through our team approach, we share our knowledge and insight with one another to best serve our clients’ objectives.

The breadth and depth of our real estate success at Haymaker/Bean is derived from over 200 years of combined experienced working in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky.  Our clients entrust their real estate needs to us because they realize the importance of working with professionals who are familiar faces in the community and who have deep connections to the Central Kentucky region.

Haymaker/Bean specializes in the lease of office space.  Our team combines advanced credentials and extensive real estate market knowledge to address all aspects of our clients’ office space needs, during and after each transaction.  Haymaker/Bean provides significant value to our clients by understanding their specific business strategy and how real estate decisions can help them achieve their defined goals.  Our proactive, customized approach to managing transactions of all sizes has driven our success for more than 29 years.

Whatever the need for commercial real estate, the professionals at Haymaker/Bean are ready to be of assistance.  Whether a search for office space to lease involves an executive suite or much more space, the seasoned team at Haymaker/Bean starts with a client’s unique requirements.  We will then carefully evaluate the available options and tailor advice and guidance to those specific needs.

Haymaker/Bean has an exceptional combination of people, processes and resources that enable first-rate outcomes.  Brought together with innovative strategies and cutting edge technology, our team at Haymaker/Bean offers real time solutions that help make decisions based on accurate information.  Our advice helps clients achieve their office space goals and ensure complete satisfaction in the process.  The foundation of our business is the relationships that we build with our clients.  We continually exceed our clients’ expectations, earning their confidence and trust from the start by maintaining a high level of service throughout the span of their office space needs.  We always want to accelerate every step of the process by accomplishing every task, small or big, with calculated efficiency and dedication to quality.

Our market knowledge and proven ability to work with a variety of office projects and prospect requirements keeps Haymaker/Bean at the forefront of the office market.  As a tenant/buyer representative we are with our clients every step of the way from site selection to the tenant improvement build out.  We keep track of the current sale and lease comparables to ensure that the client gets the best deal that can be negotiated. 

Haymaker/Bean can find just the right office space for lease to fit your specific needs:

  • Site Selection | Haymaker/Bean has the market knowledge and the resources to find your ideal location.
  • Market Analysis | Haymaker/Bean has the latest demographic and mapping technology to help you find the right office space.
  • Tenant Representation | Haymaker/Bean is dedicated to helping tenants overcome the uncertainties and obstacles that can arise in establishing a new location.

If you’re seeking office space to lease in Lexington or in Central Kentucky, you need a firm that knows the market.  You need Haymaker/Bean to guide you through the ins and outs of office space for lease.  Our Haymaker/Bean experts know where you can get the best office space at the best rates.  Our real estate agents are local and have been dealing in the market for years. 

Contact Haymaker/Bean at and let us go to work for you.