Industrial Property For Lease

If you’re looking to lease industrial property, Haymaker/Bean stands ready to serve your needs.  Haymaker/Bean real estate advisors offer local and regional expertise across all industrial property types.

Our expert real estate agents at Haymaker/Bean are committed to meeting the needs of industrial clients by providing comprehensive real estate services specifically tailored to the industrial market.  Our services are designed to take a client through every stage of an industrial property lease, from strategic planning and site selection to the closing of a deal.  Our team of experts is qualified to handle any client requirement.

Founded in 1989, Haymaker/Bean is a full service commercial real estate firm.  As a locally owned firm, Haymaker/Bean can customize our services and quickly adapt to our clients’ needs as well as the continually changing real estate markets.  Our client-centric approach, coupled with customized real estate solutions, has resulted in the development of long lasting client/broker relationships that transcend the typical property or transaction life-cycle.

In order to effectively represent owners of industrial space, our Haymaker/Bean team has an intimate understanding of the industrial marketplace allowing us to market the space effectively, resulting in quick transactions and minimal down time.  The strength of our team is its understanding and devotion to industrial clients.  Our real estate agents are acutely aware of the needs specific to industrial tenants and owners from loading bay requirements to environmental and zoning regulations.  Haymaker/Bean has an intimate knowledge of all facets of the industrial marketplace and prides ourselves on having a current understanding of the trends and options available to clients, making Haymaker/Bean a valuable asset for both industrial tenants and owners throughout the Central Kentucky market.

If youre looking to lease industrial property for lease, the agents at Haymaker/Bean stand ready to serve your needs.Primary services at Haymaker/Bean include:

  • Tenant and owner representation
  • Logistics evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Facility assessment
  • Financial and economic incentive analysis
  • Geographic searches and zoning issues

Haymaker/Bean listens and we listen hard to determine how and when we can deliver a high impact value proposition.  By leveraging relationships, we collaborate to fast forward your business growth.  We provide unsurpassed tactical market intelligence and execution that mitigates risk and delivers solutions.  It is the collaboration and the depth of our experience in multiple disciplines that ultimately allows us to understand your business objectives and deliver a competitive advantage.

Haymaker/Bean understands that real estate can be your single biggest investment, and even more important, affects and influences your company’s culture and employees’ effectiveness.  Haymaker/Bean can help you make informed real estate decisions that can help drive your business forward.  We’re dedicated to finding the right opportunities and eager to use our expertise to your advantage.

Our firm of highly qualified advisors at Haymaker/Bean has over 200 years of combined experience providing real estate solutions that make our clients happy.  With our extensive knowledge of the Central Kentucky market and an unrivaled level of service, Haymaker/Bean promotes real estate strategies that strengthen the objectives of our clients, big and small.

If you’re looking to lease industrial property in the fast-paced, ever-changing industrial sector, Haymaker/Bean provides you with an array of consulting services and expert real estate advisors who can guide you each step of the way.  We can help you reach decisions that support your business objectives.  For more information contact us at and let us go to work for you.