Flex Space

Looking for flex space in Central Kentucky? Contact the real estate agents at Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.Businesses that need to lease space and anticipate that the size of their business may change during the course of the lease often consider leasing a flex space.  Flex space is commonly used to describe industrial space.  You start with warehouse or industrial space that is not air conditioned and add office or showroom space that is air conditioned.  You can then flex into larger or smaller spaces as needed.  Many multi-unit industrial buildings are often called flex spaces because they already come with a portion of office/showroom space and the rest is warehouse space. If you’re looking for flex space in Central Kentucky, contact the real estate professionals at Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate. 

The flex space trend goes all the way back to the 1970s, where many companies had large, industrial spaces with front loading docks.  When the 1980s dawned, buildings got sleeker and more streamlined.  That included industrial space. Meanwhile, the demand for office space, cubicles and the like, started to grow.  With these changes came the trend known as flex space, basically, one-story businesses with high ceilings, loading docks in the rear, accessible parking and surface-level landscaping.  Flex space started to become very popular in the late 1990s when office tenants started to realize that flex space offers some great benefits over conventional office buildings. 

If your company wants a truly adaptable and versatile space, flex space is the way to go.  Flex space allows companies to have office space and loading areas, as well as some warehouse space and even room for manufacturing equipment, as needed.  Flex space is economical, too.  Companies can rent exactly the space they need.  Flex space costs less to build than other office spaces, so the rent tends to be extraordinarily low.  This is the most cost-effective way to get space for your business.

When you approach a flex building, you open a door to a unit and you are in the space.  There is no shared building lobby area and no common area hallways.  Since the buildings are single story, there is no waiting for the elevator, which are expensive to install and maintain.  With flex space your usable square footage is  essentially your rentable square footage.

Companies like flex space as it can be used for multiple purposes.  Inventory, office space and light production can all share flex space in a commercial building.  Other uses of flex space include showrooms, laboratories, retail space or even an area for assembly and shipping.  Flex space is often cheaper for a business than space designed for a single, specialized purpose.  In addition, companies that lease an entire building for flex space usually can control how building amenities operate, such as security, operating hours, heating, air conditioning and more.  This gives them additional control of the expenses accompanying these items. 

For most business owners, flex space really makes a lot of sense.  It allows you to do what you need to do, without limitation but also without waste.  Flex space is often cheaper to rent because the building design and structure are much simpler.  Because the developer was able to design and build for less money, the savings are passed on to the flex tenant.

Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate provides expert advisory services, state-of-the-art resources and up-to-the-minute market data.  We provide everything our clients need to succeed in any scenario when it comes to flex space.  .  Haymaker/Bean specializes in helping clients find flex space for lease within their   budget.  When searching for flex space, it is critical to be presented with an accurate representation of the available inventory in order to make the most informed decision possible.  The breadth and depth of our real estate success at Haymaker/Bean is derived from over 200 years of combined experienced working in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky.

When searching for flex space in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky, contact Haymaker/Bean at www.haymakerbean.com and let us go to work for you.