Commercial Land For Sale

When searching for commercial land for sale, look no further than Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate.When it comes to commercial land for sale, our clients entrust their commercial real estate needs to Haymaker/Bean because they realize the importance of working with professionals who are familiar with the community and have deep ties to the Central Kentucky region.  Our strong community connection gives Haymaker/Bean a distinct advantage when handling the real estate requirements of our clients.

Haymaker/Bean is a regionally focused commercial real estate firm headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our brokers are best in class and known regionally for their experience and expertise.  We provide our clients with the best real-time data and analytics available.  We are relentless in our collection and data basing of commercial land for sale.

For over 29 years, Haymaker/Bean has been providing dependable commercial real estate services to our clients in Lexington, Frankfort, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Winchester and throughout Central Kentucky.  Our dedicated team will assist you with finding the right property according to your requirements.  We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide timely services.  Our professionals make your job easier by providing you multiple options from which to choose.

At Haymaker/Bean, we pride ourselves as full-service commercial real estate brokers who deliver results to commercial land owners and buyers.  Our intimate knowledge of the market in combination with a tireless work ethic ensures that our clients receive the best possible representation in their real estate transaction.  Market knowledge, strong relationships and excellent timing are of utmost importance to buyers and sellers.  Our team of real estate experts can help minimize risk, recommend the best to buy or sell and guide you carefully through every consideration.

Our clients derive the benefit of exceptional real estate acumen and the full range services of Haymaker/Bean. 

Guiding everything we do at Haymaker/Bean is our unwavering commitment to excellence in client service.  Through a dedicated business resources team, we provide tools, technology and expertise to support our clients, however complex their challenges.  Our approach is thorough and consistent.  It starts with a complete understanding of our clients’ priorities.  We produce customized, cost-effective solutions for our clients with speed, creativity and confidence.

Haymaker/Bean understands that without leading edge market data, experience and industry leading techniques, it is virtually impossible to deliver optimized results to our clients.  This is why we invest in top of the line software, data bases and other industry tools along with the training to support our staff on how best to implement these tools to our clients’ maximum advantage.  It is not enough to only have expertise in your profession, you need the appropriate ethics as well, which is what we proudly have at Haymaker/Bean.  While expertise and ethics form the basis of our business culture, the reality is that without the ability to continuously replicate, perform and deliver premium results for our clients all the ethics and expertise in the world is not enough to meet the goals and objectives of our clients.

Our team members at Haymaker/Bean go above and beyond to deliver a higher level of personalized service.  Our passion for our people and our commitment to our clients is unprecedented.  For Haymaker/Bean, the deal is not the end of the transaction; it’s the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship.  Locally owned and operated, we are guided by our culture and our values.  We believe being the best place to work makes us the best place to do business.

Over the years, Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate has built an enviable track record consummating commercial land for sale transactions.  Our professional approach to managing the changing needs of our clients in the fast moving real estate market is tailored specifically to the individual objectives of each client.  Our knowledgeable real estate associates have a combined experience of over 200 years.  We’re confident that Haymaker/Bean Commercial Real Estate can meet your commercial real estate needs.

If you’re looking for commercial land for sale, Haymaker/Bean would be honored to assist you. Contact us at and let us go to work for you.