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About Haymaker/Bean

Haymaker Development Company is Lexington, Kentucky’s largest land developer of residential, commercial, professional office, retail and mixed use real estate projects. Haymaker has developed over 1500 acres of Lexington’s premier properties and continues to be very active in developing mixed use projects with approximately 750 acres of some of the finest properties in the Bluegrass region. Prestigious locations and a touch for the finer details of maintaining and designing sites with a vision for today’s market place and properties that will hold and create value is a trademark of the Haymaker team.

During the economic downturn starting in 2006 Haymaker Development Company did not, nor would it consider, making changes to existing development sites that would put previous purchasers and investors at risk of losing value due to that type of action. While these times have been challenging Haymaker Development company is well capitalized and looking for opportunities to bolster its portfolio of properties in the Lexington and Bluegrass regions. The Haymaker Development Company has a strong commitment to the quality of life for those families and businesses that locate in its developments.

Haymaker Development Company is owned and operated by Tim Haymaker who is heavily involved as a civic and charitable leader in the Lexington community. His contributions to the community are numerous and he presses for his employees and associates to become vital and productive members of the community as well. That call has not fallen on deaf ears as those associates are heavily involved in civic, arts, sports and charitable causes.

Haymaker Development Company projects are unique and diverse and include Beaumont Centre, Pinnacle, Coventry, Century Business Center, Tuscany and Summerfield. The Haymaker Development Company related companies, Haymaker Bean Commercial Real Estate, Remmco Property Management, Haymaker Residential Real Estate, Shaver and Coons, PSC and others are leaders in commercial and residential real estate, property management, accounting, commercial and residential building, investor related services and consulting. Those companies own and/or manage many of Lexington’s great properties. The company has a long term strategy of building and acquiring properties and seldom sells any of those holdings. It is that conservative and disciplined strategy that makes the Haymaker family of companies a wise choice for clients with a similar philosophy. Examples Haymaker Company developments and holdings are as follows.

Beaumont Center

Beaumont Centre by Haymaker Development Company is a 705 acre mixed use development that started in the early 90s’ and is currently nearing completion. This development includes approximately 1,100 upscale homes, 500 apartments and 150 condos. On the commercial side of Beaumont we have approximately 600,000 sf of professional office, 350,000 sf of retail and 100,000 sf of commercial services. Beaumont Centre also has a library, daycare and 2 ½ miles of walking trails for the convenience and enjoyment of the neighborhood and commercial business employees. Land was donated in Beaumont for the Rose Parks Elementary School and the state’s largest YMCA. Soon to be constructed by Haymaker Development Company will be a not for profit amphitheater for the cultural benefit of the local residents and businesses. Only a few commercial opportunities remain.

Pinnacle Development

Pinnacle by Haymaker Development Company is a 515 acre mixed use residential community located off Tates Creek Rd. and Man-O-War Blvd. There are approximately 1,100 single family homes located adjacent to Veterans Park and the Veterans Park Elementary School. The community has its own swim club and a medical facility operated by the Lexington Clinic. There are also approximately 500 apartments, duplexes and townhomes. Haymaker Development Company purchased the subdivision from a joint venture between Haymaker Development company and Pinnacle Development II in 2008.

Century Business Center

Century Business Center by Haymaker Development Company was developed as a modern light industrial park near I-75 and Winchester Road. The 50+ acres quickly sold out and is a very successful example of how a planned business park can work with restrictive covenants and architectural controls.

Coventry Development

Coventry by Haymaker Development Company is a 300 acre development on Georgetown Road at Citation Drive. There are currently 200 +/- home build with another 800 planned. Ultimately there are 45 acres zoned for a retail shopping center and an additional 17 acres of land zoned for professional office use. The site is surrounded by property owned by the University of Kentucky and used for experimental agricultural uses and the property is adjacent to the University of Kentucky’s Coldstream Research Park. Across the street is the Bluegrass Business Park which was developed by Commerce Lexington.

Hamburg Commercial and Retail Developments

Haymaker Development Company is also developing a 565 acre project that was purchased from the Madden Family and is adjacent to the Hamburg Commercial and Retail Developments. Minutes from I-75 and the downtown business district, the property is being subdivided into several smaller villages with the first two, Tuscany and Summerfield, already started. A 10 acre site has been donated to the YMCA of Central Kentucky with plans to develop a significant family oriented activity center in the near future. Further, Central Baptist hospital has announced it will be moving many of its operations to a site that is just a few thousand feet from these custom home developments. The Hamburg commercial center is Lexington’s largest and fastest growing area.